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Mermaids + Pirates | Ziggy Turns Two on the High Seas

Taya Paparone - Friday, September 16, 2016

Last year after packing away the final handmade giant paper flower, pulling down the bumble bee hive piñata and unsticking the rhinestone ladybirds from the wall, I stared at the 756 leftover chicken cutlets in the fridge and swore I wouldn’t do another birthday party for Ziggy until her 5th.


Of course I am going to do a party every year. Who am I kidding? The problem is, while I am meticulously organised for clients ’events, I tend to let my own simmer in “mental mood board” mode for far too long, then have a coronary in the final week pulling it all together.

Ziggy is convinced at the ripe old age of two that all princesses, fairies and female characters and dolls are mermaids, so that was the loose concept I started with. As the meme goes; my favourite colours are black, noir, ebony, charcoal, ink, dark black… So I struggle when it comes to choosing girly themes. I remedied this by throwing some pirates for good measure and gender unspecific fairness.

The starfish, fishing nets, seashells and ocean trinkets started arriving in brown paper packages, and I got to work on harassing the grand matriarch of Perth cakes Sandy from Sandy’s Cakes with my over the top ideas and inspiration. She delivered. I love it when you can’t choose from the detail shots of a cake which is the most beautiful or technically impressive. Sandy’s cakes do that every time. I finished the cake with a gold mirror “Ziggy is Two” topper from laser cut whiz Lisa from Etched.

The backdrop is a combination of crepe streamers and different textured ribbons, spangled with mirror sequins and cut or fringed slightly for some body. I took an early morning jaunt to the flower market for some “coral” and “seaweed” (in retrospect, I could have gone to the beach, but it would have stunk in its authenticity). Jellyfish lanterns rustled in the breeze among crepe coral streamers.

The pirate’s chest was adorned with discount store pieces of eight and pirate paraphernalia and the skulls just seem to follow me – they are one of my go-to styling items to add edge and character to the sometimes overwhelming prettiness. I am in love with coloured glass at the moment, and just picked it up wherever I saw it over the duration of planning. Some plaster pearls and a smattering of sixlets gave everything a lovely mermaid sheen and a sprinkling of beach sand finished the look.

I convinced one of Ziggy’s doting honorary Aunties to stay up until midnight with me bedazzling mermaid wands, and dropped it on her that I would really fancy some turtle cupcakes for the kids. My mum (aside from doing absolutely everything that wasn’t styling related) whipped up some clam shell cookies. It’s absolutely acceptable and almost compulsory in my book to have a mix of homemade and professional pastry and food at a kids’ party, even one that is style focused. Likewise, it’s a delicate balance to maintain the children’s event vibe and not go overboard with beautiful adult styling.

Ziggy’s outfit was a custom Happily Ever Harper long sleeved shimmery crop top with Shanaya’s Bowtique mermaid tutu. I also made her a little mermaid tiara that she refused to wear. IT was always going to be the case. All the little mermaids and pirates enjoyed pass the parcel, bubble favours, a clam shell sandpit and arts and crafts table. Children’s table and chairs by Party Perfect provided a little eating station for sausage rolls and pizza squares.

The rest of us enjoyed champagne.

You can hire Ziggy’s Mermaids + Pirates party decor from $250.00 DIY or $450.00 delivered, installed and collected from Joondalup to Mandurah. Contact me for details on specific inclusions.

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