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Twice Sprinkled | Sebastian + Julian Turn One Confetti Style

Taya Paparone - Saturday, August 06, 2016

One can only imagine the magnitude of the first birthday milestone for a mother and father of twins. The year just gone was twice the blur, twice the exhaustion, two giant cups filled up with joy. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no such thing as overdoing it for a first birthday party. It’s an anniversary of parenthood, a celebration of the fog lifting and the baby becoming a child. 

Jade’s brief was simple: Confetti. The symbol of excitement, joy, happiness and celebration. What says “I love this moment” more than throwing a paper rainbow in the air? Sebastian + Julian would turn one in a clear, bright explosion of colour against the clean whites of Jade’s interior.

To achieve the intensity we wanted, I studiously hand punched each circle from craft paper to create a super saturated and sturdy jumbo confetti look. I fashioned giant confetti garlands from card stock in the same hues and chose an anchor of deep sky blue for ribbons and trimmings.

Balloons by Beth inflated giant, clear confetti filled balloons and floated them in the party space and behind the boys’ high chairs. We embraced foil with a silver “YAY” as the shiny banner over Petitcakes Perth’s individually wrapped balloon confetti cookie pops which doubled as favours. Sprinkles were in abundance – on strawberries, in milk bottles and scattered over beautiful blue macarons.

A simple buttercream cake spangled in fondant confetti was the perfect centerpiece to the day and was topped with a simple silver “one”, though there were two candles, one for each birthday boy.

Jade & Mark’s super team of friends and family put on a delicious spread including homemade sausage rolls, granola cups and salmon tarts and provided sweet arrangements of fresh, bright florals.

There was a sneaky glass of bubbles or two and many proud Aunties and grandparents with plenty of knees on which to bounce the two early risers who exhausted themselves chasing balloons and honeycomb decorations around the floor.

Confetti is a theme that works for either sex and can be easily recycled for another year when the birthday boy or girl is older. It is uncomplicated, visually stunning and you can apply the concept to almost any aspect of the party. As styling goes, the kids love it, and that’s what matters on the day and in the moment.

© Taya Paparone T/As Partaya 2016

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